American Corporations Want Renewable Clean Energy

American Corporations are Driving the Transition to Renewable Clean Energy
  • The AZ Corporate Commission adopted new rules for Clean Energy at the August 14th Open Meeting.
  • Microsoft plans to build a new data center and requires that it be powered by market rate Clean Energy.
  • The ACC amended current rules to meet Microsoft’s requirements and make Arizona eligible for the massive new data center.
  • Amazon plans to build Headquarters 2 somewhere in the U.S. Amazon requires that the new headquarters be powered by renewable energy. Arizona must meet Amazon’s requirements to compete for the facility.
  • Pacific Gas and Electric heralds a sea change in electric utility strategy with plans to replace three large gas plants with a large lithium battery. These gas plants operate to provide energy for any unplanned shutdowns of generating units. Batteries will be cheaper and less polluting than these gas plants. No new generation facilities will be required as the batteries will be charged by excess power generated when power demands are low.
  • 240 Fortune 500 Companies save $3.7 Billion per year with Clean, Renewable Energy. The demand by American corporations and businesses for renewable energy is a major driver in the transition.
  • 23 Fortune 500 companies have committed to 100% Clean Energy. 48% of Fortune 500 Companies have Clean Energy Goals.

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